Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Get Stoked! It's PSP 2 hitting the slopes!

Ok so some of you are wondering about the next PSP installment, the "PSP 2" so here's some basic features I was able to dig up from my good friends at Sony

  • 2 Analog Sticks

  • Rumble Enabled (Yes that's right, just imagine a Dualshock controller...except PSP form?)

  • Graphics will be up to par with PS2

  • It will launch around the time of the PS4 (So we won't see it for quite some time, but they'll most likely unveil it when they unveil the PS4 which will be in 2010...oops was I supposed to mention PS4)

  • The current design is "fatter"/bulkier (which ever term you wish to you) however they plan on "shrinking" it in size to try and match the original PSP size.

  • Current price planning for it is $249 ($50 more then PSP launch price, so also expect a PSP price drop)

  • I wasn't able to get any real specific information on the disc format used, but what I was able to get was that it's NOT the same UMD format used in current PSPs but it is a UMD like format (Since "older" UMDs will have to be able to fit in there to offer B/C for PSP1 games) Think of it as... "Next Gen UMD"

  • Pretty much all other basic PSP functions (Memory Stick Duo, Wireless, TV Out)

I believe I covered it all...if I missed anything I'll be sure to update my blog!


  • Oh yea they also have another prototype model with motion control inside....it's not definite whether motion control will make its way into the final product or not.


  • Built in microphone is also in the other model which they're testing out as well, and once again it's not definite if the built in mic will make its way into the final product.

  • In regards to motion sensing & built in mic, at a later date once "most" testing is done with both features, I should have a definite answer on if we'll be seeing them in the final product, so stay tuned at later date

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